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In the 50 centigrade chamber, the hidden danger of a bolt is not passed

When the speed of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is as fast as 300 km / h, there is little attention to the dribs that are happening under the high - speed bridge pier. Few people know is that between the longitudinal and transverse beam pier body has a "secret", it is like a "bridge belly", 365 days a year, are the first bridge railway section of the shuttle in the hypoxia, low pressure, no ventilation in the operation environment and maintenance. Whether it is stable or not, it will directly affect the safe passage of the high speed rail. The railway colleagues affectionately call them "doctors in the belly of the bridge".

Yesterday, reporters from the labor and the Shanghai railway section of the "doctor", entered the frame through Danyang Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to Kunshan Dan Quint under the bridge a "secret", in 4995 piers feeling "doctor" on the 77568 bolts at smell ask cut.

Steamed sauna in "the belly of the bridge"

"There are 4995 piers on this bridge, 19392 piers and 77568 bolts, each of which I am very familiar with." Just to the pier, Shanghai railway section of Suzhou bridge bridge north high wire workshop area Deputy foreman Gong Minghua off the reel. He is in the bridge named Dan Quint bridge, a total length of 164.784 kilometers, connecting both the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway from Danyang to Kunshan, the space distance between the.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to open in six years, Gong Minghua and his friends are like "doctor", beam body, bearing maintenance tasks responsible for this bridge, and these facilities are located on the rail of a bridge below the "closed box", in simple terms, this is the "bridge bridge of stomach". The doctor needs to go around every corner of the bridge and check every part of the support.

Because of the relatively closed space, the ventilation inside the box girder is not good enough. In the summer, walking around the inside is checked. In less than ten minutes, sweat will soak the work clothes. At 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the "bridge belly" is at least 40 degrees centigrade. But because the concrete heat conduction efficiency is low, the outer wall of baked at high temperature for a long time after, will continue to heat transfer to the box girder.

"In the afternoon, the temperature inside the beam is close to 50 degrees Celsius, here is more like a steamer. We can wash a few sauna free of charge one day, "the technician Tao Sandong wiped the sweat beads and joked with his colleagues.

"Do" breathe

Because of the change of temperature, bridges sometimes "suffer from" the "disease" of concrete and steel, which is the most difficult time for the bridge workers. At this time, in addition to the daily inspection, they also in accordance with the requirements of the task, the bridge disease in time to repair.

The maintenance personnel will prepare the grouting material beforehand, from the manpower back to the scene, then carry on the field modulation, in view of the disease point in the beam box, carry on the grouting work... Often a set of actions, the young young and strong small are already tired out of breath.

After each end of the beam, the bridge worker had to breathe a breath of fresh air from the gap in the pier support. "From a muggy environment to a relatively ventilated place, it feels comfortable," said the bridge worker Min Jiang.

A thousand hammer inspection on the bridge body

Bearing is the key of pier and beam body force, while the whole bridge is propped up Dan Quint by a bearing. Therefore, the key to the bolt connecting the support and the beam body has become the key. "Doctors" must also carry out a comprehensive "physical examination" for the support, Liang Xiang, bolts, and beam protection devices to ensure the safety of the bridge.

In addition, bridge workers also use a small hammer to knock the bolts on their bearings. "At least 5000 hammers will be knocked on each time." Jia Haiping, who has just entered the unit soon, said, "when you have just touched this job, I can't get it up after work."

After checking a pier and four groups of support, the bridge workers went up to the body of the beam up and down the overhaul ladder. In this "black box", the bridge workers need to use lighting equipment will be wearing the box corner according to five times, and then check one by one "is a percussion hammer, to carefully observe the box beam with no cracks, there is no" honeycomb "and" pits ", but also to see there is no vent pipe broken bridge", Yuan Jianxun told reporters.

Each examination, although the bridge beam in the "bridge belly" in the single distance of only 1.5 kilometers, but knocking, touching, listening, visual... In the 3 kilometers of "dense road", bridge workers need to stay at least 6 hours in a black beam, testing strength and patience.

Repeat work for a long time, make the bridge workers there are different degrees of bending, face because of the dust box beam within the look is always dark. However, they still persist day after day, and do not drop a dead corner and do not pass a hidden danger. Because they have a small step out every step, they shoulder a great responsibility to ensure the safe and smooth driving of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway.