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The transformation of black iron and steel in green industry is promising

According to media reports, during Trump's visit to China, American entrepreneurs and many Chinese companies signed 19 large bills worth 9 billion US dollars, including the cooperation between Hangzhou iron and Steel Group and Viroment company, and introduced a new sludge treatment technology.

There Hangzhou last time in public view or mid 2015, steel base officially shut down, causing the whole century memories. Two years, the steel industry as the supply side structural reform pioneer, to adapt to the new normal, to excess capacity; the transnational cooperation HANGGANG signed, can be said to be a kind of practice to explore the transformation of the green industry black steel.

A little bit of knowledge shows that the Viroment company in the United States focuses on industrial wastewater treatment, which can reduce the water content in the sludge by half, reduce the volume and harmful substances, and achieve sludge reduction and innocuity, and also save transportation cost. Hangzhou is not only be short-lived business, consider this new technology to promote the country.

How to optimize the upgrading of traditional industries and deepen innovation driven? This year, Harvard University Business School selected 2017 top 10 best transformation enterprises in the world, and once the iron and steel giant Thyssen Krupp became the only selected industrial group. This approach is: steel enterprises out of low profit products production line, focusing on high value-added production, such as the opening of 3D Printing Center for producing wind turbine components, manufacturing chemical products, carbon dioxide will no longer be emitted into the atmosphere, and ultimately two carbon dioxide emission reductions of about 1 million tons. As a result, the former steel giant steadily shifted its business focus to industrial solutions, digital services, Internet elevators and other fields, from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing".

In the transformation of innovation, the steel enterprises in China, after the same unwilling people, have broken the outstanding achievements, involved in all aspects of the national economy and the people's livelihood.

River Steel Group sells steel products to design steel, focusing on hot-rolled automotive panels, cold rolled automobile panels, home appliances and other high-end products. In April 2017, it also launched the first PPM product applied to the washing machine field in China.

Wu Bao Group Holdings is one of the China Baosight software, the largest provider of cloud computing, with the depth of cooperation with Alibaba, Shanghai Telecom, Shanghai mobile, the rapid growth of IDC.

The 350 km high speed EMU developed by Ma Steel and Taiyuan Steel has completed the assessment of the 600 thousand km operation of the wheel and shaft material, which has laid the foundation for the localization of the high speed rail.

In 2017 1-8, China's steel industry realized a profit of 203 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 106.9% over last year. The profits of large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises increased by 374.4% compared with the same period last year.

This shows that the direction of the upgrading of industrial structure to identify through increased technological innovation, and develop more high-quality steel products, high value-added products to increase green investment in research and development, to meet the market demand for high-end, from the "black" the transition to "green", from the "assets" upgrade to "wisdom", iron and steel the industry world wide and have a brilliant future.